A Message From Your Car

“I know you spent a lot of money on my repairs five months ago but in a few months I’m going to need four brand new tires and my brake pads are wearing out too. You might have to replace them all at the same time with my rotors also. Sorry. I know you have made my loan payments for two years now but you still have three more years to go. I feel your pain. Some advice from me please, you are paying too much money on my insurance. My friends owners pay less than you for the same coverage. You have not shopped around for less costly insurance for over six years now. Just looking out for you boss.”┬áSaid your car.

How To Save on Car Insurance

A lot of ways to save exist when it comes to car insurance. Different providers are good to work with for lower premiums and some will give you a better deal if you don’t get in an accident for a while.┬áSome providers will make your overall payments a lot cheaper if you have no accidents. When they don’t pay for accident claims, they will pass the money they save onto you by offering accident free discounts. But if the company doesn’t offer that then you may want to go elsewhere.

Watch out for the hiding in the bush officer with a speed gun

Traffic tickets can end up costing you a lot if you get them too often. There are sometimes offers that you can take up where you can go to traffic school to have your ticket dismissed. Even if they don’t do that, they may let you work on having violation points taken off of your record which can keep your premiums from going up. Always treat police officers with respect and ask what you can do to make this go away politely. Otherwise, they may just cause the charge to stick or give you the maximum penalties to teach you a lesson.

This vehicle is getting too old

Don’t get too much coverage on a vehicle that’s not going to last much longer anyways. Why should you pay to get it replaced if the vehicle isn’t even worth that much? The extra money you spend over time may end up costing you more than a new vehicle in a few years and should be something you avoid wasting resources on. Only get comprehensive and collision insurance if you have a vehicle that is actually worth it to get replaced after something happens to it.

They want the most money from you, don’t let that happen

But the best way to lower your premiums is to compare prices offered by various insurance companies. You just need to submit your information once and get multiple quotes from several insurance companies competing for your business. Lower your car insurance costs today in and easy online process.