How To Apply For Instacart

Step by step process of how to apply for Instacart shopping gigs. Instacart is offering a flexible earnings opportunities to Instacart personal shoppers. Here is how.

What is Instacart?

Instacart is a grocery delivery and pick-up service in the United States and Canada. It has advanced technology that helps customers buy groceries from their chosen grocery store all from a mobile app.

How do I make money with Instacart?

You receive customer orders all via the shopper mobile app. Orders specify what grocery store to shop at and all shopping items are listed in the app. There are four main ways to make money with Instacart.

  • Distance. You get paid per mile rate on delivery distance
  • Batch Incentive. This is all about the difficulty of an order. Bulky items and the weight of items. Also peaks for great customer reviews
  • High demand hours. Bonus for work done during high demand times.
  • Tips from customers

Detailed Step by Step Application Process Below

If you are on a desktop you will see this “Become a Shopper” button. Enter your info in the next screen. You will receive a text message to download the shopper app

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2

Enter the phone number you registered with. Instacart will send you a code via sms

Screenshot 3

Confirm work eligibilty.

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

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Pick between only being a shopper, or a shopper who drives to the customers house. See screenshots below for requirements.

Screenshot 6

Screenshot 7


You will then follow instructions on taking pictures of your drivers license. Take pictures of both front and back

Screenshot 8

They will then tell you they will send you your shoppers card. If you don’t want to wait for the card in about two weeks, you can start immediately with google pay. Follow instructions on how to use google pay

Screenshot 9

Screenshot 10

Sign all the paperwork electronically. Easy online process

Screenshot 11

Choose your work classification. Are you an individual or a registered business entity?

Screenshot 12

Easy online application process. Remember to check your email for more communication and updates.

3 Ways To Earn More With Instacart

  • Work during busy peak times for more bonuses and earning opportunities
  • Earn quality bonuses. Perform well, pick the right products of quality especially produce
  • Work efficiently. Do more with less time.

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