How to create a strong password

You have heard it for a long time. Create a strong password, but how do you create a strong password and still be able to remember it?

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3 Ways passwords are cracked

How do you create a strong password that cannot be cracked? Cybercriminals are swimming around you like sharks to steal your personal information and sell it to other criminals. Other criminals may then open credit accounts in your name and even get state Id’s in your name. If you have children, their info is not spared either.


Here are three ways cyber criminals steal your personal information:


  • Phishing. Please don’t fall for this. Cybercriminals trick you into giving them your personal information and passwords. They can call you by phone or the most common one is email. The fake email completely resembles your bank website even the logo. They direct you to log in to your account on a fake site where they immediately capture your data.
  • Brute force attacks. The cybercriminals create software that creates thousands of password combinations multiple times until they crack your password. 
  • Dictionary attack. Try not to use dictionary words in your password. Here again, the criminals use the software they develop that combines many different dictionary words. This is easy to avoid.



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What makes a password weak?

Or what makes a password strong? We all try to create passwords that we can remember. With multiple accounts to log in from, multiple email addresses, credit card account, banks, schools, and more, how can we remember multiple passwords like the one below created by password generator.

$fArjK4dF5pmwA-E   which is an abbreviation of 

$ fruit APPLE rope jack KOREAN 4 drip FRUIT 5 park music walmart APPLE – EGG

That’s why you may end up using weak passwords like “password” “mydateofbirth” “mylastname1” or short ones like “1234”


How to create a strong password

  1. Make a long password. The minimum characters to use is eight, but twelve is better. A combination of lower case, upper case letters, numbers, and special characters.
  2. Don’t use a common phrase or dictionary words. For example; “romeoandjuliet” “presidentbush” or dictionary words like “house”.
  3. Avoid using the same password on different accounts. If one credit account is compromised, this should not lead to all your accounts being hacked.
  4. Don’t use your personal information like social security number or date of birth.
  5. Avoid storing your passwords in unencrypted files or storing them on your browser. 
  6. Use a two-factor authentication app like google authenticator. You should also enable two-step verification on your email accounts. With this enabled, you authenticate with the google authenticator app or by SMS.


Test your email address too

Check the Avast Hack Check site to see if your password has been leaked in previous data breaches.  If it has, change your password on your email account immediately.

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