How to protect your home security cameras from hackers

Your home security cameras are under hackers' threat constantly.
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Home security cameras are being hacked

A family in Mississipi had cameras in their two daughters’ bedroom hacked and that was scary. The same home security cameras you expect to protect you and your family can be hacked and used for harm.

Since most home security cameras have voice capabilities, the hackers might listen to private conversations and even speak to you. It is very scary and very troubling hearing voices inside your own house speaking to you. 

No wonder, then, that in a nationally representative survey conducted by Consumer Reports in 2018, 54 percent of Americans considered loss of privacy a reason not to use smart devices. 



How do your home security cameras get hacked

Here are three ways cyber criminals steal your personal information:



  • Data breaches.  This is when hackers break into the security systems of companies. Info stolen usually involved log in credentials of user accounts.
  • Phishing. Please don’t fall for this. Cybercriminals trick you into giving them your personal information and passwords. They can call you by phone or the most common one is email. The fake email completely resembles your bank website even the logo. They direct you to log in to your account on a fake site where they immediately capture your data.
  • Brute force attacks. The cybercriminals create software that creates thousands of password combinations multiple times until they crack your password. 
  • Dictionary attack. Try not to use dictionary words in your password. Here again, the criminals use the software they develop that combines many different dictionary words. This is easy to avoid.


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How to protect your security cameras


1. Protect your home router

This is your number one vulnerability. If a hacker gains access to your router, they have access to all your connected devices. Router manufacturers may not always have your security as first priority. 

Change the username and default passwords that come with your router. Your home security cameras are connected to your router for internet access


2. Only purchase your home security system from a trusted source

You may find a great deal online or somewhere else and buy what you think is a great deal. Beware though, on the roadside home security systems may be compromised. 


3. Update your home security cameras firmware

Just like you update apps on your phone, always update your security cameras firmware. Trusted manufacturers are always updating security vulnerabilities. The more reason to buy your security system from a credible source.


4. Use strong password

Hackers are always writing malicious code meant to hack into secure systems. Avoid creating passwords like “123456”, “mylastname123”. A strong password is vital.


5. Set up a password manager. 

Create a password manager account with Dashlane. Dashlane fills all your passwords, payments, and personal details wherever you need them, across the web, on any device. So you can get right to what you want to do. Create a free account and manager up to 50 passwords with one device free. 

If your security camera system allows is, set up a two-factor authentication system. Every time someone attempts to log in, they must enter a unique code sent via SMS, email, or with a security app. 


6. Test your email address too

Check the Avast Hack Check site to see if your password has been leaked in previous data breaches.  If it has, change your password on your email account immediately.

It is important to take your home security seriously. We all live digitally connected lives, with all our personal information held electronically. Avoid identity theft and identity fraud.   

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